Is there anything more relaxing than spending time at the beach? St. Maarten has some of the most beautiful beaches out there- let us show you which ones are the best!


Kim Sha Beach

Kim Sha Beach is a very well protected beach on the Dutch side in Simpsons Bay. People usually head over to this beach to have a drink at Buccaneer’s Beach bar.  Plenty of drinks and their amazing hamburgers!

Simpson Bay Beach

The beach of Simpson Bay is over a mile long and rather wide, and the waters of the Caribbean sea are quiet and calm most time of the year. The beach at Simpson is very inviting for a beach walk. Great views at sunset add to a romantic atmosphere.

Maho Beach

Maho Beach is a beach on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, in the country of Sint Maarten. It is famous for the Princess Juliana International Airport adjacent to the beach.

Mullet Bay

A large white sand beach with slow rolling curls of waves coming in the beautiful moon shaped bay. It is one of the prettiest beaches on St. Maarten.

Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy Beach is a small, clothing optional beach located at the Southwest corner of St Maarten. It is lined with beautiful rock formations and caves.

Long Bay Beach

Long Bay, also spelled Longue Bay, Long Beach, or Baie Longue in French, is an extension of Cupecoy situated in the southern part of French Terres Basses/The Lowlands. As the name implies it is the longest stretch of white sand beach on the island.

Baie Rouge

You can walk on Bay Rouge along a large stretch of almost deserted pinkish sand beach. That´s actually where Baie Rouge got its name from. It has calm waters which makes it great for swimming.

Plum Bay

Secluded Plum Bay, or Baie aux Prunes in French, is just beside Long Bay and well known to surfers. The beach is very little visited during weekdays, although beautiful and without a doubt one of the most peaceful and romantic beaches on the island.

Friar's Bay

Friar’s Bay (also called “Anse des Pères”), North of the French capital Marigot, is a pretty, small, family oriented beach. The bay is well protected from the swells, and attracts also a few boats. For its calm waters, Friar´s Bay is an ideal beach for families.

Happy Bay

Amazingly, Happy Bay (French: Anse Heureuse) is still a rather unknown, almost undiscovered beach of St. Martin. This may have to do with the fact that the beach is not easily accessible. You have first to take a walk of 10-15 minutes up and down a footpath through the underbrush.

Grande Case Beach

Grand Case Beach, in French called “Baie” or “Plage de Grand Case”, is a sweeping curve of a very pretty, one mile long, white sandy beach with quite calm waters. The beach is awesome for swimming and has some nice snorkeling spots towards either end of the beach, or around the reef at “Créole Rock”.

Anse Marcel Beach

Anse Marcel lies to the very North of the island. When you drive the road over the mountains up to here, take your camera with you! . A short walk from the parking at the entrance of Anse Marcel will take you to this fabulous beach that is facing the northeast coast of Anguilla.

Pinel Island

Charming Pinel Island, or Isle Pinel, is a tiny island on the north end of St. Martin, 5 minutes off the shores of French Cul de Sac. Two breathtaking beaches await visitors here: The first, facing St. Martin, is a very sheltered sandy strip with shallow waters. Ideal for children, the beach here is postcard perfect, with clear waters and white sand. The second, is exposed to the forces of nature of the Atlantic Ocean.

Orient Beach

Orient Bay, or in French “Baie Orientale”, sweeps around a blue cove, facing east, as the name suggests. The 2 mile long, white powdered sand beach is protected from the Atlantic waves by a reef, and the bottom has a very gradual slope.

Le Galleon Beach

Le Galion Beach, also called Coconut Grove, Baie de L´Embouchure, and nicknamed “Baby Beach”, is the next bay Southeast of buzzling Orient Bay. This laid back beach is surrounded by a coral reef that serves as a protection, providing calm and shallow waters to Le Galion.You can wade 20 or 30 yards into the water, and your bath trunks are still not wet.

Dawn Beach

Dawn Beach is a fine beach of sugar white powdery sand facing the East side of Sint Maarten. The name says it all: early risers may enjoy spectacular views of sunrise with St. Barth’s in the distance.

Great Bay Beach

Paralleling the main shopping street “Front Street” in Philipsburg, facing South, lies Great Bay Beach. The beach is long of over a mile, and wide. There is plenty of fine white sand, and the water is good for a swim, usually visited by cruise ship tourists.

Cay Bay Beach

Cay Bay is a small and very pretty cove. The beach, which owes its serenity to its remoteness, is popular with walkers, pony trekkers and mountain bikers. Incredible underwater seascapes. This is the home of the new Kokomo Beach Bar and restaurant.

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