Why sit at home when you could be in SXM partying?  

Heineken Regatta

Celebrating its 37th season this year from March 2-5, 2017, the Heineken Regatta is famous for its incredible world class sailing event. Every year promises for a great event and this year is no different! The waters are crystal blue and the weather is hot as can be. Last season the international event included 37 different countries. The course includes coastal races, as well as around the island scenic views. Watching from the shore, the energy is into the clouds! From the culture to the cuisine there is no disappoint!    

SXM Music Festival

SXMusic is a new, boutique electronic music festival  on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Martin. In a crowded global festival market, this carefully conceived, five-day event in a dreamlike location promises a unique, unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to enjoy it.

Loterie Farm end of month Party

Come out to Loterie Farm in Pic Paradis every last Saturday of the month where they hold their monthly Treehab Pool Party! This is the place to be! With the DJs in the trees pumping out their tracks above the gorgeous pool setting, there couldn’t be a more original, nor more beautiful place to party down.

French Side Carnival

The carnival offers not only a wonderful way to join in the fun with the locals but also a wonderful way to experience a carnival atmosphere. You can enjoy colorful parades, pageants, magical sounds of drums, calypso beats, glitter, unique feathered costumes, delectable foods, drinks, and the fun of watching people. Even though both sides of this Caribbean island celebrate the festival, they do so at different times.  

Dutch Side Carnival

Larger than the French side Carnival is the Dutch side Carnival. It is held in April where the island comes to a standstill for over 17 days and nights. For months locals put their souls into sewing Carnival costumes and writing songs ready for the big celebrations. Some of the most beautiful creations of previous carnival seasons are at display inside the Jump Up Casino in Philipsburg. Go there to get a true taste of Sint Maarten Carnival, even if you missed the original celebration.    

Tuesday Night Grand Case

Every Tuesday, the old village of fishermen which has become the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean, livens up around the biggest arts and crafts market of St. Martin. The inhabitants put on their nicest costumes while visitors let themselves led by the Caribbean rhythms and admire traditional dancing or local artists shows. The event also gives an opportunity to sixty or so artists and craft workers to exhibit their works in the thriving creativity of this merry season. The celebration would not be complete without the food and the flavours introduced by about thirty restaurants in Grand Case.

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